The ‘DI Planner’ aims to make use of the student data of the ‘Diversity Management Platform’ (DM Platform) developed in the first phase of the ‘Diversity at School’ Project to enhance teachers’ understanding of their students. As a result, teachers can use appropriate ‘Differentiated Instruction Strategies’ according to students’ learning abilities, interests and progress to create a learning environment where students with different learning needs can learn actively and meaningfully.

The platform provides teachers the lesson plans and teaching materials of primary and secondary subjects that adopt differentiated instruction strategies when designing their own teaching.

Our subject experts will provide, if necessary, timely feedback on lesson plans and teaching materials uploaded by teachers to support the implementation of differentiated instruction.

The platform will continue to optimize and upload exemplary school-based teaching examples to facilitate the exchange of experience and professional knowledge.

All teachers are welcome to participate and collaborate with us!

Project Goals




Differentiated Instruction Strategies

Differentiated instruction is a teaching philosophy which contends that students learn best when the learning environment, content, process, and product can be differentiated appropriately according to students’ learning abilities, interests and progress.

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Students’ Diverse Attributes

Every student is unique and has different learning attributes. According to students’ attributes, teachers can identify appropriate differentiated instruction strategies to develop the lesson activities and hence, enhance the learning outcomes. For reference, below are some examples of students’ attributes.

Student’s Background

  • Gender Students’
  • Learning Needs

Learning Attributes

  • Active Learning
  • Passive Learning

Learning Style

  • Visual Learners
  • Auditory Learners
  • Reading and Writing Learners
  • Kinesthetic Learners

Learning Approaches

  • Inquiry Learning
  • Experiential Learning
  • Group Learning

Differentiated Instruction Examples




General Studies





Teachers from participating schools can access more examples after logging in.

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